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Because of its uniqueness and its historical and cultural impact, Ha Long Bay has proudly become one of the 830 UNESCO World Heritage sites. UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and its dedication to the preservation of humanity and culture makes it an honorable and prestigious title to be awarded. The Bay offers a perfect balance of those three traits that gave it a place in their ranks. The immense number of natural limestone cliffs gives a semblance to the sceneries of Guilin, China, Vang Vieng, Laos, and the Andaman coast of Thailand. Although most of the beaches in Ha Long Bay are man made because of their lack, the cliffs were all forged years upon years ago.

The force of tectonic plates and the constant lapping of waves against these limestone segments shaped the cliffs and caverns that scatter the island. The tunnel caves and massifs are what make the bay unique, as well as the amusing names given to them by bored fishermen. Chicken Island, Turtle Island, and even Human Head Island were all graciously named by those fishermen, who saw those shapes within the sides of the cliffs. The ones who are still alive live and fish on some of the floating fishing villages built on barges around the area.

A nice mix of relaxation and fun is the purpose of a Ha Long Bay cruises. Thanks to the generosity of the Vietnamese government, you will be able to do things such as visit a floating village or swim in the pristine waters of the Bay.

If you are lucky enough tours Halong Bay to visit a floating village, you will be able to witness the farming of the sea creatures, and possibly even buy some and have it prepared by the ship crew. The preparation of seafood comes free-of-charge from the tour boat crew, so you can enjoy your fresh fish without a worry. Every Ha Long Bay tour stops to swim, either in a planned location or close to a fishing village. Enjoy as the sun shines down and the gentle waves and salty water envelop your body. And the best part? All tours also make a stop at one of the Bay area beaches, so you can get the best of the sea and the sand. Revered for their beauty, you are guaranteed to love the windswept dunes and snowy white sand of the Ha Long Bay beaches.